Acts like Legion & Logam have been pivotal for bringing the Ram Records sound transatlantic. Becoming the first US act into break their renowned roster, the trio have time and time again delivered hard-driving riddims and melodic rollers for Ram’s sought after compilation series and their genre defining sister label, Program.  However, this time they’ve received their first standalone single on Ram, which is set to establish them as an even more integral part of the drum & bass expansion throughout America.
From the tearaway success  of ‘House of Cards’, their first single on Program, to the release of ‘Coming Home / When Stars Fall’ on Ram Records, Legion & Logam are continuing their meteoric ascent. Following the same carefully strung melodies and voice overtures which has become a signature for the production outfit, ‘Coming Home’ takes you on a heartfelt journey underpinned by its tightly knit composition. A wavering bassline pitches between each signature of eight, helping to create a more driving force perfect for the dancefloor and bolstering the mix, whilst keeping its softer touch with ‘House of Cards’ Adam Wright returning on vocals. This is your reintroduction into Legion & Logam’s sound and it’s one which will soon become a staple in sets this festival season.
On the flipside ‘When Stars Fall’ featuring Wendy Johnson follows the same vibe, with intricately layered instrumentals helping to set out a journey which flips between more percussive elements and well-orchestrated breakdowns. Each segment builds on the next until you’re once again left with a record which exemplifies the producers’ stellar song writing ability. Together both tracks help to pedestal an act whose versatility can be seen across each addition to Program, and now Ram’s, vast back catalogue. Legion & Logam’s story on Ram has only just begun – with more releases scheduled for the coming year; it’s an exciting time for US drum & bass and its growth.
For more information on Legion & Logam please contact / +44 7848 959 627